I have used the Full Body Thermogram with my friend Carolyn, for 6 yrs since diagnosed with Lymes and Breast Cancer. Assurance of good reports without invasive medication contrast materials is so affirmative and complete to keep a watch on total body healing. Thanks Carolyn,
-Kathleen   New Orleans, LA
For years I've been going for my regular mammograms, and for years I've been cancer free thinking I was doing enough to stay that way.  Finally my friend convinced me I should check out this thing called a thermogram.  I went for my first thermogram two weeks after my annual mammogram in 2009 that had found nothing.  When I got my thermogram report back I was shocked that they said it found a highly suspicious area with vascular changes, and that they recommended I see my physician for additional testing.  My doctor scheduled me for an ultrasound which confirmed cancer.  I am so thankful my friend got me to get a thermogram.  Without it my cancer could have had a lot more time to develop before the mammogram might have finally detected it, but by finding it early I only needed a lumpectomy to be cancer free again.
-Lisa     Hattiesburg, MS
I've been neglecting getting mammograms for years.  I had one when I was much younger, and it was so painful that I never went back for another.  I've been so happy with thermograms because it is exactly as it advertises: non-invasive, pain free, no radiation.  It was as easy as getting an x-ray, just without radiation!  And the thermographer who scanned me was so nice that she made me feel very comfortable.  Everyone should get this done!
-Susan     Atmore, AL
The last several months I'd been suffering from terrible pain in my left leg, and had assumed it was because I had just started running again.  As it got worse, I finally listened to my wife and went for a thermogram.  I was very skeptical since I had never heard of anything like this before, and honestly did not expect anything to be found.  I couldn't believe it when the report indicated a blood clot in my left leg.  Thanks to the thermogram I went to my doctor who put me on some medicine and now my leg doesn't hurt anymore.
-Robert     New Orleans, LA