The Beam Ray is a light and sound generator developed from the technology of Royal Raymond Rife. Rife invented a powerful light microscope that had magnification of 60,000times.  With this invention he and other scientists were able to see microbes and viruses that were previously unknown.

The Beam Ray light and sound generator was programmed to produce a frequency that would kill harmful microorganisms, in the same way that a singer shatters a glass with a focused tone.  Rife was able to determine with his microscope the frequency that would demolish the organism.  He could then program the Beam Ray to that specific frequency and there by destroy the organism.

Rife discovered a virus related to cancer and in 1938, with a grant from the National Institute of Health, in a study documented by the University of Southern California, 16 out of 16 cancer patients were completely cured by Rife’s Beam ray in four months.  Their doctors had considered these patients terminally ill or incurable.

Rife’s Beam Ray worked with many other diseases of his time.  The June 20, 1944 Smithsonian Annual Report mentions sarcoma, leprosy, tuberculosis and typhoid.  Other diseases such as typhoid were cited in various newspaper articles.

A research project at West Holt Memorial Hospital in Atkinson, Nebraska showed some promising results. The Beam Ray demonstrated the ability to decrease and even stop various types of pain, with virtually no side effects.  These symptoms of pain were from conditions related to gout, fibromalgia, West Nile virus, herpes zoster (shingles), chronic sinusitis, Crone’s disease, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, insomnia, pain in the back and legs, edema, swelling, psoriasis, pre-menstrual and menstrual pain, headaches and various skin problems.

This said, we have to include a disclaimer:

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