Here we try to provide answers to the most commonly asked questions for your convenience, but feel free to call or e-mail us to find out more!

Does insurance cover any of your services?

Usually not.  Some insurance policies cover thermography and/or electro-lymphatic therapy, but generally insurance does not cover either, and we have never seen an insurance policy cover and of our other services.  We do not file with insurance, but are happy to provide the documentation you need showing what service you received and how much you paid so that you can file a claim yourself, should you so choose.

How much does all this cost?

For a complete list of our services and pricing CLICK HERE.

How long does it take?

Depending on which imaging option you choose, thermography takes between thiry and sixty minutes.  Electro-lymphatic therapy between sixty and ninety minutes.  Zyto and Evox approximately an hour.  BeamRay varies greatly, but is generally around ninety minutes.  Laser treatments take about fifteen minutes.  Infrared sauna varies, but our most common session chosen is for detoxification which takes thirty-seven minutes.  Chi Machine is recommended for fifteen minutes but can be done longer.

How often should I have this done?

Each service we offer varies greatly in recommended frequency.  Thermograms are done initially and then again in three months (breast study only) to establish a baseline, then once annually henceforth.  Electro-lymphatic therapy is done as frequently as once to twice weekly, but often is needed much less frequently once you have had a few treatments.  For more information about our other services or about how to decide how often to have electro-lymphatic therapy please contact us.

Is this all FDA approved?

Everything except the BeamRay.  We make no medical claims regarding the BeamRay.  Everything else is absolutely approved with tremendous amounts of research to validate it.

Can I have thermography while breast feeding or pregnant?

You cannot have breast thermography until three months after concluding breast feeding and/or pregnancy.  Other areas are besides the breast are not affected by lactation or the influx of pregnancy hormones, so this restriction is only limited to breast thermography: you can image other areas anytime.

What if I am having radition or chemotherapy?

You cannot have thermography performed if undergoing radiation or chemotherapy treatments.  These treatments must be concluded at least three months prior to your imaging, unless your doctor prescribes a request that he or she will be using it to monitor results of treatment.

What if I have had a recent surgery?

Any area of your body that has recently undergone surgery cannot be thermally imaged until three months have lapsed since the surgery date.  Other areas of your body can be scanned anytime.

What is the difference between manual lymphatic drainage (MDL) and electro/assisted-lymphatic therapy (ADL)?

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is a technique which uses pressure and motion applied with the hands to help stimulate proper lymphatic fluid flow and drainage. The primary purpose for MLD therapy is to treat lymphedema patients. The therapy is practiced in clinics and hospitals all over the world by certified therapists.

Although MLD has its place, ALT can stimulate the lymph at a greater depth and will enhance lymph flow with far less therapy time. The enhanced stimulation of ALT has provided benefits to many of our clients who experienced limited response from MLD.