NOTICE: If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or undergoing chemotherapy or radiation you CANNOT be thermally imaged until three months have passed since any of these conditions apply.  If you have had any recent surgeries, the area of surgery cannot be imaged until three months have passed though other areas may still be scanned.

Thank you for choosing Thermography Advantage. We look forward to seeing you at your upcoming appointment! We ask that you please follow these instructions on the day of your appointment to ensure the greatest accuracy in your upcoming thermographic scan:

  • DO NOT use a tanning bed, or spend excess time in the sun for 24 hours prior to your appointment
  • DO NOT have physical therapy, exercise, massage, or electromyography
  • DO NOT apply liniments, lotions, or deodorant to the skin (make-up is acceptable)
  • NO chewing gum within two hours of your appointment
  • NO hot drinks within two hours of your appointment
  • NO smoking for two hours prior to your appointment

Please let us know if you are pregnant, recently miscarried, nursing, or you are presently under treatment or have been under treatment for cancer within the last three months as this may alter your reading. Also, please let us know if you will have any disability that may prevent you from standing during the procedure.

What to expect...

  • There is no need to alter your regular diet or medications
  • You will need to remove all jewelry for your scan
  • You will need to disrobe and dress in a gown that will be provided for you
  • Your hair will have to be off your neck and face (hair bands and clips will be provided or you can bring your own)


Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or concerns.