A homeopathic, multi-chord nosode of identified toxins is imprinted through ZYTO, then the laser energectic detoxification (LED) session is scheduled to be done on another day after your individualized detox has been planned.


These homeophatic remedies are placed in a small glass vial and a very powerful infrared light is pulsed through the homeopathic vials into the areas where the toxin has accumulated to drive the energy of the homeopathic remedy into that area, causing the chemical or toxic metal to begin releasing.  Then a green laser is shined through the homeopathic vial and swept across your primary acupuncture points suggested by the medical doctor who performed your ZYTO.  This results in the body releasing these toxins over the next 24 hours.  In addition to the use of a homeopathic nosode of the toxins, individualized organ sarcode support and numerous energetic detoxification support remedies are chosen and imprinted into separate vials.  These are highly individualized and it is unlikely two clients would ever have the same detoxification remedies.